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Why Our Overbox Versus Others ?

Moulded in ASA engineering material compared to competitor products moulded in GRP material or Aluminium
High impact ASA engineering material is more resistant to; damage during transit, installation and damage from vandals compared to GRP materials used on conventional Meter Box Housings
ASA Material is UV Stable with excellent resistance to weathering and colour discolouration
Unlike GRP ASA polymers are recyclable at end of life and can be reprocessed for further use as a moulding material
Manufactured by injection moulding process rather than by compression or resin transfer moulding as standard practice for GRP. In comparison the injection moulded process advantages; reduced cycle time, economical production with minimal waste and a low energy manufacture
ASA Material is 26% lighter than GRP
ASA Material has 33% more impact strength than GRP
ASA moulded products are friendly to handle rather than GRP products containing short chopped strands of glass
Do you have a Built In or Cavity Box?

Usually white in colour, these boxes must be fitted by a builder at time of constructing a property or later by removing bricks. The meter housing is fitted into the cavity wall with a small amount exposed from the wall of a building. The Overbox works perfectly with the typical recessed/inset meterboxes.

Fitting is easy

The Overbox will fit over an inset meter box who’s dimensions are not bigger that 618mm height x 440mm width x 66mm depth
Fitted in 5 simple steps:

  • Place the Overbox over the inset meter box & position
  • With a pencil mark positions where you are going to fix the Overbox to the wall cut hole (if needed) for any piping that leads into the meter box
  • Remove Overbox & drill holes into the wall, use a fastening/raw plug suitable for your type of wall construction
  • Place the Overbox and fasten screws
  • Tighten screws once Overbox is aligned
Nb: There is a thinner area of plastic on the Overbox frame to allow for easy cutting around any piping that leads into the meter area.

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Overbox Specification
The Overbox dimensions are as follows:-
634mm height x 494mm width x 100mm depth.
Internal dimensions are 618mm height x 440mm width x 66mm depth.
The Overbox can fit over existing inset meter boxes with overall sizes no bigger than 618mm height x 440mm width x66mm depth.
Made from High Impact Engineering Grade, UV weather resistant Thermoplastic polymer material.

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