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  1. surface mounted mk3 electric meter box
  2. surface mounted electric meter box
  3. mk2 gas meter box surface mounted
  4. surface mounted gas meter box

A Surface/Wall Mounted Meter Box For Gas Or Electricity Meters

At repairmymeterbox we  provide surface or wall mounted meter boxes for your gas or electric meter.
You will know if you currently have a surface or wall mounted box as they are used in situations where there is no cavity to place the box into and are therefore easier to install being fixed directly to the surface of the building wall.

They also are used when fitting new supplies to your property or when moving your meter and are alot easier to install than a recessed or inset meter box.


We provide MK2 UK Standard Surface Mounted Meter Boxes
Size:- 503mm(19.8in) x 408mm(16.06in) x 242mm(9.53in)

Suitable for all meters including prepayment and smart meters.

  • MK2 Back plates are included
  • PRS8 Compliant.
  • Designed for installations to British Standard BS6400:1:2:3
  • Material Specification: Glass reinforced polyester moulding (GRP)
  • Complies with British Standard BS 8499:2009
The meter mounting bracket is included plus it comes supplied with meter door, meter key, latch / lock and hinges.


We provide MK3 UK Standard Surface Mounted Meter Boxes
596mm (23.46in) x 410mm (16.14in) x 220mm (8.66in)

  • Compliant to British Standard BS 8567:2012
  • Fire retardant to BS 476, Part. 7, 1997, Class 2
  • Complies to ESI standard 12-3 April, 1986
  • Constructed from GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • Suitable for all meters including prepay and smart meters
  • Will not corrode, weather resistant, easily cleaned and can be painted
  • Cable entry position via hockey stick (not supplied)

This box comes complete with timber backboard for fixing you meter to plus meter door, meter key, lathch/lock and  meter key.


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