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metal meter boxes for gas meters or electric meter boxes

A Range Of Steel Boxes For Repairing Gas Or Electricity Meter boxes

A quick and affordable DIY repair solution for gas and electric  meter boxes.
The units are fabricated from commercial grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and powder coated to give a durable protective finish

Now best-sellers when it comes to repairing damaged glass fibre (GRP) meter boxes, the key features of these meter box covers, and what makes them so cost effective are:

  • Designed to slide over and fix onto a box even with a damaged frame (i.e. where it is impossible simply to fit a new door)
  • A much more secure alternative to replacing damaged doors with more GRP (particularly safer for gas supplies in void properties)
  • Faster to fit (5-15 min) than having to replace a whole meter box (half a day plus several hundred pounds connection fee)
  • There’s no need to have the meter disconnected and reconnected by the utility company, which is where the biggest time and cost saving can be
  • As the  door and frame unit covers all the old GRP with powder-coated steel, you have a much better looking and secure meter box, after just a few minutes work

We supply all models in our range with screws and bushes for installation, and each unit comes complete with a long-reach, easy-to-handle plastic key.

Installation can be completed in a matter of minutes using the choice of fixing holes provided.

The  doors and frames are all fitted with the preferred soft-spring slam locks to facilitate closing the doors without the need to re-use the key.

How to measure my meter box:-

The dimensions of the damaged GRP box at the wall. The width and height at the wall, and the depth from the wall should be all that you will require. If necessary, print off the below to help you

How to order or get a quote for a replacement:-

So that we can ensure you get the box thats right for you once you have taken the measurement of your damaged box please call the number below to talk to one of our team on the right solution for you

0115 888 2600

Alternatively please get in contact via email using the link below or direct by  emailing:- or click below

All are Steel boxes are  supplied by Ritherdon who have been an established company that has been in business for over 120 years and incorporated since 1913 products are designed and manufactured in their own factory in Darwen, Lancashire.

metal meter box cover
stainless steel meter box cover in white
Measuring My Meterbox
gas meter box cover in metal
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